Forbury Place






No2. Forbury Place: 4pp case cover / 2pp inner cover / 50pp text / 2pp back page
No3. Forbury Place: 4pp case cover / 28pp text / 1pp last page


No2. Forbury Place:
Outer case cover: 190-746 Frankonia cloth (intercover)
Case liner: 135gsm Colorplan Ebony Plain Finish
Front inner cover: 250gsm Exper
Text: 200gsm Exper
Back page: 270gsm Colorplan Ebony

No3. Forbury Place:
Cover outer: 135gsm Colorplan Dark Grey
Cover inner: 120gsm Colourset Deep Orange
Text: 200gsm Xper
Last text page: 270gsm Colourset Deep Orange


250x220mm portrait


No2. Forbury Place:
Wrap Frankonia Cloth over board to form case cover and blind deboss plus Black foil, line with Colorplan.
Trim and collate text with inner front cover and back page, layflat bind and affix Frankonia (Black cloth) cloth spine overlapping by 25mm and White foil x2 area to cloth spine. Affix book to pp3 of case cover.

No3. Forbury Place:
Wrap cloth over board followed by the Colorplan material to produce quarter bound case cover then fully line in Colorset, trim and collate text, layflat bind with Colorplan Ebony (135g) wrapping around spine (22mm) front and back. Final trim and affix to pp3 of case